13 thoughts on “Are you infested with the no seeum insects

  1. AJ

    I live in Hollywood CA aka very dry climate, however, after months of research figured out that I am being bitten by noseeums. The problem started around spring and has gotten progressively worse over the past few months. I have purchased everything to no avail. I wear 6 bug bracelets at night which seems to work best. Deet, skin so soft didn’t work. Picaridin seems to work too and No no-see-um spray but need to be reapplied often and my problem occurs when I sleep so getting up 3-4 times a night to reapply sucks, and the sprays rub off on my blanket, then I get bit. Getting very desperate. I get bit most nights but my boyfriend has never been bit and we sleep next to each other. HELP!!!

    1. Barbara Warfle

      Dear Barbara, I to am being bitten by noseeums.Same as u,my hubby hardly ever gets bitten.I went to sears and purchased a ORECK STEAM CLEANER!Best 150.00 I have spent in a while. I do everything beds,floors, and furniture! I use African olive oil to bathe in. Oh also I burn citranilla candles,yes in the house.They hate it. It’s alot of work but its helped alot. Hope u get the steam cleamer its great for killing them. I do my beds daily and wash everthing in hot. I have even put my clothes in the freezer over nite.It works

  2. battle alaska

    i recently made the decision to open my window on a cool evening to take advantage of the cool night air, to my dismay i unwittingly allowed noseeums to enter my apartment, as a result i am commenting from a local motel at this very moment. have tried very hard to fight these hostel invader, but to no evail, i experienced a similar situation during a deployment to Iraq in 2010, and it left permanently scared, i am having major issues with the infestations and would greatly appreciate any helpful feedback. i had many plants in my home but removed them in a desperate effort to eliminate the invaders, if these monsters do not make a suitable breeding habitat, will they simply die and go away?

  3. Bill Laudeman

    I’d like to know the brain mass of these insects, and if anyone has done research to determine their “programming.” How do they see, detect prey, locate themselves, locate mates . . etc.

    I am interested in comparing their capabilities to the best current digital computers. (I expect to find that they are enormously more efficient in terms of energy consumption, and computational capability per unit mass.)

    Any direction or assistance will be greatly appreciated and I will be sure to give credit in any resulting work.

  4. Nancy Ann Norman

    I have been bitten by no see ums for three months now. What kills them so they stay dead? I have tried flying insect killer and it worked for about two weeks. Now they seem to be getting meaner and are biting harder. I use Off 25% Deet, but that isn’t even working now. I am using a lot of body cream to make them go away. I have been using dog shampoo in my hair, it seems to work for a while. People around me don’t seem to be getting bitten, how come? Can I eat something so they do not bother me? HELP!!! What do Dogs do when they are eaten by bugs?

  5. bosox

    I really need to know what the eggs look like indoors. I see the clear mucus like egg sacs in pets water bowl,string of clear slime w/small clear air bubble things inside. Found the same type things only dried out on table tops.I find these small granular threads every were between afew cm-inch or more long.i keep wipeing them w/alchohol wipes, but they hardly ever come off.Just hoping im killing the things. any moisture and i find white like larvae.Finally got magnifing glass,and microscope.have found them in my nose,ears,eyes anywere there is moisture.If i sweat same thing. i have definatly caught them in flea trap i bought.At first i thought we had fleas,then lice,mites,including scabies, only catch glimpse out the side of my eye of something moving.Then i find these smeers.what i have seen under scope is usually half formed,but ban usually see long pubiscuse w/tiny thread coming out of it.Sometimes you can see the early formation of fly type eyes,but its stil forming.find lots of brown like chips in areas like bathrooms,pet bowls,cat and dog eyes,ect.Like they have hatched and left this stuff behind.it started early spring and still going strong.When they bite i never see them but it hurts like a horsefly and reacts like bee or wasp sting.lots of swelling and numbness,around single hole,but two little marks inside were it punctures the vein.Always a vein.they take forever to heal.NEED HELP BAD!

  6. James Greene

    All of the above. Our house, cars and workplaces are infested. What to do? These bugs are like demons from hell in there persistant behaviour.

  7. Barbara

    Make sure there is no water laying around for them.Like pools,buckets with water in them,dog bowls etc. Also they love tall grass. The only thing I had luck with working was off with deet. Make sure to check for the amount of deet.Some have 25%and some have 75%.Get the highest amount. Also use african oil on your skin and hair.The female noseeums are alot worse then the males.They bite and lay eggs into your skin. You cant see them,but I could hear them.I would slap where ever they flew into and believe me u can kill them if u do slap thdm it messes up their wings. I can’t believe how fast they are. They do lay eggs so wash and dry in very hot water or you can freeze your clothes that you want to wear the next day. Hope this help u get some relief. Oh make sure u vacum and steam clean beds,furniture daily.If u do this they will go away. Its alot of work but in the end they will be gone. Thats what I done.

  8. Barbara

    bosox they are clear and small like the size of sand.If u see a clear shell broken open,then its a female.It does make u think its headlice at first then u think its bodylice. If u take alchol or oil and rub your legs hard the eggs will come off. Make sure u put any that you rub off in a bag and tie tight. Also bag up clothes or anything that your not using daily and tie tight.Leave in there for at least 2 weeks. I le3t mine until I was sure they were gone. Hang in there they are hard to get rid of. I also used vinager on my hair and furniture. They hate it and they will bite u because they are mad and dont like it. lol It messes up there wings and thats when I would vacum. Be sure to tie the vacum bag up daily also. Best of luck.These bugs are a night mare. I hope and pray that I never have to deal with them ever again as u know.

  9. Ann Bitler

    I have been in Florida for over 4 years and I have constantly gotten bitten my the no-see-ums! Nothing has worked for me except for the Avon Skin-so-Soft. I have to put it on from my face, to my arms, to my legs! The worse time is when I am trying to sleep! H E L P ! No one seems to know how to get rid of them in the house.


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