Noseeums Biting Midges

Noseeums Biting Midges

Female biting midges may lay their eggs in still uncirculated water, muddy areas, and in more wet damp surfaces. The noseeum larvae is bright red to orange in color and they must live water until the fully mature and are able to fly which usually takes 14 to 60 days.The noseeums midge is one of the smallest bloodthirsty insects. It has two wings and does not have any scales on its wings or body. Only the females bite. Biting midges are most commonly found along seashores, rivers, and lakes. The female biting midges attack humans for the blood but also like vegitation. The male biting midges, desires vegetation, not blood.

Noseeum Biting Midges

2 thoughts on “Noseeums Biting Midges

  1. Geraldine hoven

    These NoseamsThese have invaded our home. They bite and no matter what we do. We cannot get rid of them. I have had house sprayed 3times. Bought lights to trap. Etc a new house, we leave no garbage sitting around. Is there anything else to do. Geraldine f hoven ?


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